Hexe Claire


Welcome to my homepage, I am Claire, a witch, tarot reader and author of several books on natural magic from Germany. I was born in the former German Democratic Republic, but now it is fortunately one Germany without any walls. As a child I grew up in a rural environment, with lots of folk customs and traditions in a family with an almost hereditary passion for history, religions and mythology.

Besides my work as an author, I also do readings (tarot, lenormand and playing cards) and teach correspondence courses in German about natural magic and witchcraft. My correspondence course on Lenormand cards is also available in English.

Spirituality is nothing miraculous or detached to me. It simply means to communicate with the source of all things, that moves and changes all forms of life, wheter you call it God, Goddess, Spirit or whatever you like. It´s about all those things between heaven and earth, who give that special magical spark to our lives.

If you like, you can visit my YouTube channel and check out the English playlists on reading the cards and magic. My full moon readings on YouTube are available in English, too. Check out my „Full moon cards“ playlist on YouTube.